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 *Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, Nothing Artificial, Offensively Delicious* *Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, Nothing Artificial, Offensively Delicious*  

Variety Pack
Big Boxes

If you're feeling like Zombie and experiencing bouts of analysis paralysis, we got you covered with this cereal variety pack. Get all 4 flavors and beat that decision fatigue.

The Variety Pack Includes:
DASH x Chamberlain Coffee Cereal
FLEX Cinnamon Cereal
SPARK Strawberry Cereal
ZOMBIE Pandan Cereal


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"Mascots represent the fluctuation of human emotion."

"A far cry from the buff, confident cereal mascot Tony the Tiger. Characters that are going to win have to contain more of this multi-dimensional take on the human personality, the flaws and all."

"These aren’t the cereals of anyone’s youth, OffLimits is a thoughtful addition to the quality cereal market and an entire world of ideas circulates through the brand."









About Us

In a world full of rules we do what's OffLimits. We're bringing you all the fun & flavor with none of the artificial ingredients commonly found in cereal. Our offensively delicious flavors and band of mascots are here to help you play with your food. So go ahead, break the rules. We dare you.

Made with plant-based, gluten-free ingredients. Nothing artificial.