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 NEW!!!  Chamberlain Coffee Cereal  DASH <3's EMMA 

Cereal Glitter

We imported this rare, edible glitter from the cartoon dimension. It contains only the purest form of natural ingredients and is prized for its iridescent, mystical properties.

Sprinkle this glitter over a bowl of cereal while making a wish. If the milk turns blue, your wish *might* come true.

In a world full of rules, we do what's OffLimits. Our offensively delicious cereal and band of mascots are here to help shake up the cereal aisle. Meet our gluten-free, vegan cereal frens: Dash, Zombie, Flex & Spark.

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“The one new brand that is here to instigate change from its founding.”

"Now, Emily Elyse Miller, who literally wrote the book on Breakfast, is changing representation in cereal."

"A clever gamification that harkens back to the old days of collecting box tops and sending them in for prizes."

Set out to launch a new kind of brand centering around important topics like humanity, inclusivity and mental health.

Play: Day in the Life

Hayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I’m Spark, your new bff. I’m always living my best life so I need a healthy cereal that helps me recover from all the FUN. I told them to make mine Strawberry, a flavor as sweet and flirty as me. Dare you to fall in love xoxo

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 *Bringing back cereal toys*   *Bringing back cereal toys*  

Our customers send us the weirdest things and we love it.

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We also beat Sugar Pon in 2020's Hottest Cereal Mascot and people were kinda pissed.

Show: Offlimits A/W 2021