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OffLimits 101

What is OffLimits?

OffLimits is a defiant cereal brand bringing you all the fun and flavor with none of the artificial ingredients commonly found in the breakfast aisle. Our offensively delicious flavors are made with gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO ingredients - the base of our cereals are rice flour, organic cane sugar, oat flour, pea fiber and coconut flour.

Along with our band of mascots and product innovations like Cereal Glitter™, we’re here to reclaim cereal culture for modern generations.

What and who are Dash, Zombie, Flex & Spark?

Our offensively delicious flavors and band of mascots are here to help you play with your food. Meet our line of gluten-free, Non-GMO, kosher certified, vegan cereals: DASH, ZOMBIE, FLEX & SPARK. DASH helps you start your day with cold brew vibes. ZOMBIE brings the South East Asian sweetness of Pandan leaves - think vanilla and hints of coconut. FLEX warms the heart and your taste buds with a cinnamon kick. SPARK knows what's up when it comes to those precious antioxidants with the sweet, juicy and tart taste of strawberry.

What is Cereal Glitter™?

We imported this rare, edible glitter from the cartoon dimension. It contains only the purest form of natural ingredients and is prized for its iridescent, mystical properties. Check out the ingredients here.

What are cereal toys and how do I get my hands on them?

Think 90's cereal mascots but for the next generation of breakfast cereal crunchers and midnight cereal snackers. DASH, ZOMBIE, FLEX and SPARK make up our team of emotionally unstable cartoon mascots and they want to hang with you when you are pouring out a bowl - check out our cereal toys, latest toy collaborations & drops, as well as merchandise in the Toy Store.

I have a product feature request.

Always down to learn how we can improve. Let us know your request and we'll have ZOMBIE look into it. Hit us up on

Health Facts & Ingredients

Is OffLimits one of those diet fad cereals?

NO and we don't wanna be fam! OffLimits is taking out all the nasties traditionally found in snacking cereal but adding all the fun & flavor we've come to expect from those cereals of yore. Cereal is one of the most common fortified foods, but these fortified cereals are not necessarily healthy. Many of these cereals are loaded with all kinds of stuff, like refined carbs. People often then eat more than the recommended serving size simply because it is branded as a diet food. When it comes to fiber-rich cereals, a piece published by Harvard Health Publishing, validates our belief that fiber is most beneficial and should mainly come from whole grain sources.

Is OffLimits seriously a gluten free cereal?

Yea we're gluten free and don't you forget it! Don't believe us? Check the nutrition facts.

Is OffLimits really a vegan cereal?

Yea, we're vegan. Don't believe us? Check the nutrition facts.

Is OffLimits truly non-GMO or is it all branding bs?

Yea, and we're damn proud of it. ZOMBIE spends all his late nights searching for the best ingredients!

Is OffLimits kosher?

Yes baby! We've been a certified kosher cereal since January 2021.

What coffee do you use in DASH Coffee Cereal?

We have partnered with Emma Chamberlain and Chamberlain Coffee as the source of DASH's unique, micro - roasted, dark chocolate coffee vibes.

What is Pandan?

Pandan is a South East Asian plant that tastes like leveled-up vanilla with a nutty, umami-ish after taste. No, it’s not matcha although hey, that's not a bad idea - we will talk to Zombie asap!

What are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are a select group of herbs that support the body's natural ability to deal with stress. Zombie uses Spirulina which is tasteless but filled with goodness to enhance every bite you take.

What about the monies?

What payment options do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, Union Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

We are not yet accepting PayPal, but the humans are working on it!

I am having an issue with my payment - help me!

Damn. Sorry to hear that. Definitely hit your bank up or message us at with your issue and we will try our best to help.


How long will it take to get my order?

Orders take around 5 business days to make it through dimensions.

Do you offer free shipping?

If your order is $50 or more, our humans will get it to you fo free! Sign up to our mailing list below to stay up to date on our promotions.

How much does shipping cost?

$8.50 for standard shipping, for express shipping input your delivery address to see prices.

Where do you ship?

We can ship anywhere between the cartoon dimension and the US (including Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico). Once we open a portal over seas, we'll be shipping internationally.

Can you ship to a PO box?

Yes, as long as your PO Box is in the US or the cartoon dimension, we will send it to you!

Can I change my shipping/billing information?

Yup! Within 24hrs from when you clicked send on your order, we can make changes, but only if you send us a really nice email to

My item was damaged or broken during shipment. Help me!

Our shipping partner has never seen a box they didn't love and always does their best to handle them with care. Sometimes though, leaving the dimension, sh*t happens no matter how hard our lovely humans try. Let's get that fixed for you so you can continue living your best life. Hit us up at

Storage, Care & Expiration

How should I store my offensively delicious OffLimits cereal?

Since our cereal is made with non-GMO ingredients, we recommend storing it in an air-tight cereal container to extend the freshness. No container available? Roll the inner bag down to avoid extra air from coming in or you know, EAT IMMEDIATELY!!

What is the shelf-life of OffLimits Cereal?

1 year if you keep it sealed. If it's open, you'll eat it before it goes bad.

Where can I find the expiration date?

You can find the expiration date at the top of our boxes on the 7.5 oz and on the back of the minis.

My cereal expired, can you help me out?

Yea, head over to the store, purchase another bundle, and now you will have a fresh box.

Can I buy expired cereal?

Not from us. Maybe someone has some on StockX?


I'm having a problem at checkout - help me out!

Oh no! Say it isn't so, we gotta get you crunching ASAP. We'll ask DASH to help, so just hit us up on

The OffLimits website isn't working!

Damn. Sorry to hear that. Let's get that fixed and get you back to living your best life. Hit us up on

Can I change my shipping/billing information?

Yup! Within 24hrs we can make changes, but only if you send us a really nice email at


Do you offer a new customer discount?

Discounts don't exist in the cartoon dimension, but occassionaly they do IRL. Sign up for the newsletter below and see what happens!

Does the product ever go on sale?

Subscribe to our newsletter below to see what deals could be poured into your next bowl.

PRESS, PR or just to say HEY!


Do you mean Cartoon-suite teammembers? We'll intro you to DASH. Hit us up on

Customer Experience

ZOMBIE handles all our CX. We'll put you in touch. Hit us up on


SPARK handles all of our marketing. We'll put you in touch. Hit us up on


FLEX handles all our sales. We'll put you in touch. Hit us up on


Why do you have so much packaging?

Safety & legal mailing stuff. You know...the usual, but we are constantly trying to minimize packaging whilst still ensuring your cereal and toys arrive in pristine condition.

Is your packaging sustainable or circular?

We are currently reviewing our sourcing to improve our sustainability standards across our supply chain. This is a journey our humans are committed to and they are excited to share updates with you as and when they happen. For now, the box can be recycled BUT with your handy colouring skills now shining from the back of the box, maybe you want to frame it instead.

Partnerships & OffLimits Careers

I want to work at OffLimits.

We are always interested in hearing from dope talent and cereal fantatics! Hit us up at people@eatofflimits with your bio and what you are looking to work on and we will get back to you asap.

I want to carry OffLimits in my store!

We would love to get OffLimits in stores accross the real world and the cartoon universe! Hit us up at sales@eatofflimits and we can talk pricing and rollouts.

I want to collaborate/partner on a toy!

Hit us up at, and let's try to make it happen.

I want to review your product!

We'd love that! Tell us a bit about yourself via, and let's try to make it happen.

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