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In a world full of rules, we do what's OffLimits. Unlike what you find in the cereal aisle, we give the middle finger to breakfast as we know it. We're bringing you all the fun & flavor with none of the artificial ingredients commonly found in cereal. Our offensively delicious flavors and band of mascots are here to help you play with your food.

So, go ahead. Break the rules.

Play: Day in the Life

Hi-ee! I’m DASH. Your over-achieving bunny. I’m never not doing, so I need a cereal that can match my energy and then some, ya know? It helps me turn my To-Do’s into “To DONE. ” Oh, and it tastes like dark chocolate, and turns the milk to cold brew. I know! Ah-mazing, right?!

zombie head cerealdash head cereal
Founder Story
Founder Story cereal bit

Hi! I'm Emily Elyse Miller,
Founder/CEO of OffLimits.

Growing up my mom was on all the health trends, which meant no cereal boxes with fun mascots in my pantry. Cereal mascots equal sugar, flavor, toys, fun —all the good stuff but none of the healthy stuff.

My grandma however, was a stubborn Italian woman with an obsession for sugary cereal. She’d always let me break the rules and have a bowl with my favorite cereal mascots on the box.

The ritual of pouring a bowl of cereal (or eating right out of the box) paired with iconic characters and flavors created an entire culture around cereal. Decades spent without change has left cereal culture craving newness, inclusivity, and transparency.

Enter OffLimits, a defiant cereal brand here to break the rules and prove that cereal can be both fun and healthy. with offensively delicious flavors, moody mascots, exclusive toys, and thoughtful ingredients that mom would approve of.

In a world full of rules, let’s do what’s OffLimits.

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Giving Back
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As an art school grad, the "starving artist" persona has been projected on my career my whole life. That stigma ends now. OffLimits donates 1% of our profits to an array of youth art programs because we strive to encourage creativity as a strength that doesn't deserve to struggle, but to thrive.

We've also started a limited edition artist box series that gives 100% of the profits to the artists.

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Artist: Greg Mike
*Gluten-Free, Vegan, Nothing Artificial, Offensively Delicious* *Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, Nothing Artificial, Offensively Delicious* *Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, Nothing Artificial, Offensively Delicious* *Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, Nothing Artificial, Offensively Delicious*